Roxy XOXO 149 2017

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Usually when you see a pro model, it’s been designed to handle the insane forces that a snowboarding superstar puts their stick through on a winning competition run, or filming mission. Not so with the Roxy XOXO; while it’s been designed by Torah Bright, you don’t need to be a harbinger of Antipodean awesomeness to ride it.

Like nearly all boards manufactured at the Mervin factory, the Roxy XOXO features a combo profile that has rocker between the feet that turns to camber as you go out towards each end. The upward bends are not too severe, so those still relatively new to snowboarding will get away with a lot more than they would with higher-end Roxy boards.

Once you get it going, however, it’s got plenty to offer; the asymmetric design, where the heel edge sidecut is shorter and deeper than the other, makes carving and cruising the groomers a joy. The flex is soft enough to let you cut loose with butters on the piste and presses on the park features, although you might want to save the bigger kickers for your next stick.

The Roxy XOXO is the smart choice.


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